"Take Me to the Forest"

Had a FABULOUS ride today on the "green" trail. Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors. The entire event rocked!!

- Mar R.

Had the BEST time today. Couldn't have asked for better weather.
- Jean R.

[That is one original shirt!]

First time out there and loved it. Can't wait to do it again. Great trails and the volunteers were great. Big shout out to the marshals and the rest stop individuals.
- Orlandito T.

Just wanted to say thanks to you and all of the great sponsors for putting on another great SPARC ride. 
- Marc P.

The Stewart ride was the best ever. Wish I could have stayed to help take down the signs. Trail marking was very well done. Thanks to you and all who make it possible!
- Burt T.

Thank you for a great day and a terrific ride. I truly enjoyed the 20+ miles of challenging singletrack. I will be back.
- Gary C.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who worked to make today as awesome as it was. My 6 year old son had a blast on the yellow trails today. I know there were a few people who took pictures of him up there and silly me forgot to. I would love to see them! Thanks again everyone and see you all next year :)
- Amanda D.

[Here's the handsome family!]

Had a great ride today, we rode the Blue, Green and some of the yellow trails today, great job guys. My daughter wants to hit some of the orange trails next time. Maybe in our next ride, without my youngest.
- Javier M.


It was lots of fun and so glad the weather held out!! Looking forward to next year!
- Jeanne C

Great job today!! Thanks to all who volunteered!
- Judy S.

Had a fantastic ride today, thanks SPARC for putting on such a great event!
- Thomas M.

...we did this ride last year and it was awesome ... no racers here, no times to beat just all out cross country riding bliss. [the] small fee for this event [is] a small price to pay for this event and the proceeds go toward keepin' Stewart available to us as riders. You don't want to miss this  - come out and enjoy.
- Lamail, BK MTB meet up group

Great time! THANK YOU!
-Amanda D.

Great ride! Challenging intermediate this year!
- Dion C.

"Please keep my name for next year's event.  GREAT food."
  - Jayne (Montgomery)

"We really enjoyed today’s ride!  I wanted to compliment the organizers on a job very well done!  The trails were *very* well marked, registration was simple and the snacks at the rest stop were just what we needed.  One suggestion there – make sure that the riders take the appropriate map for the ride they’re doing…we mistakenly took the “advanced” course map, rather than the “beginner” map (which just left me confused why I couldn’t find where we were on the map – as I said – the signs were great!). It was unfortunate that it rained – we ended up going home, rather than waiting for lunch, but we did finish the ride dry!
We’re looking forward to next year’s ride!  Again – our compliments!"
- Irene & Brian P. (Fishkill)
If we'd thought ahead more, we would've put the routes on one double-sided piece of paper, then everyone would be covered! Next time!  -SS (we did do this for 2010 and even provided a zip lock bag to keep the map dry!)

Thanks for putting the bike tour together, we had a lot of fun. The mud and huge puddles gave us quite a workout!
 -Gabe F. (Rochester)

I had a blast at the SPARC Bike Tour...GREAT job, SPARC!!!!!
- JJ Westervelt

I participated in the SPARC ride a couple of weeks ago, and was very grateful for your effort to provide food for riders and support a sustainable future related to locally grown/raised food. I felt sad that more people did not attend due to the weather.
My wife and I also recently watched
Food, Inc. and are more convinced that how we grow, purchase, and consume can have a big impact on our planet's future.
-Burt T. & Anne P.
Thanks you guys, and we agree. We actually had a great turnout for the event - a lot of folks ran home tho, rather than nosh in the rain (see above), tho many folks did stay, for sure! Thanks to the many farms that supported the ride, including Soons Orchards, Kezialain Farms, Dines Farms & Glebocki Farms!

Mountain bikers love mud and the mud loves them right back!